lunes, 9 de septiembre de 2013

"Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental... Especially you, Jenny Beckman... Bitch."

--> This is what happens when you see an average of 2 movies per day for a week in a row.  <--

So, it is friday night and Im tired and Im not sad. Im home, finally.
I see that little green icon on the top corner of my phone and my heart jumps a little when I see is your name right next to it.
Im glad is you, I wanted it to be you.
You said you were thinking that this particular night was a great night for us to sleep together,
I say, well, I think all nights are great nights for us to sleep together.
You see where the problem is, right? I see it.
My heart jumps a little to hard inside my chest and it hurts, my brain feels like on speed, my tears rush down my face.
I hate you for a few hours, Im very upset, Im mad, I feel like bleeding.
I wake up.
Im still mad, upset, unbalanced, angry, sad, glad, confused... weird.

Ted Hamilton, you never changed, you are still an asshole.

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